Capability Statement


AGT Technologies, LLC, a registered SBA/GSA/SAM firm identified as Unique Entity ID XXJQA231Y6J3 operating under a 9GZM6 Cage code engaged in design/build military/private construction projects, specialized independent product development and environmental ventures.


AGT Technologies, LLC managed and owned by Terry Van Gelder has a venerable tally of accomplishments over a 40 year span of design and construction experience. Designated NAICS codes include 111334, 111421, 236210, 236220, 335312, 423390, 541310, 541330, 541420, 541714, 541715, 813910 and 813920.


AGT designed products, CRAM Micro-Grid Electric Generator and AGT Hybrid Cleanroom Greenhouse, both advancements in design are not found on the open market. Recipient of GOLD Thomas Edison Award under Energy and Sustainability.


Product Generalized Summary


CRAM Power Systems, a mechanical device operating continuously 365/24, is self-propelled up to 35% of the rated output, not fossil fuel, wind or solar powered. After exceeding the 35% self- propelled threshold, using minimal onsite electrical power, produces double the electrical power it consumes by multiplier technology. Excess power returned to grid.


AGT Hybrid Greenhouses represent full frame encasement with full ceiling and inner wall, dual membrane inner/outer light transmitting panels at wall and roof, no condensation, purified air cleanroom environment, eliminates mold growth, hurricane rated and are insulated according to the Title-24 energy code, offers 50% to 80% building envelope energy savings over traditional greenhouses.


International Projects

Camp Lemonier, NAVFAC Djibouti, Africa – Aviation Support Buildings

Saipan – Hurricane rated institutional building


Completed Military/Private Construction Projects - Domestic

Chilcote, Inc /Errecas, Inc. - Office/Maintenance
Coca Cola Bottling Co. - Industrial Building/ Improvements
Consolidated Freight - Freight Terminal
Critical Air Medicine - Aircraft Hangar/Office
Dole Company -Office/Maintenance/Storage
Diamond Environmental (Office/Maintenance/Storage
Dixieline Lumber - Mira Mar - Retail Store/Storage
Eastlake Church - Religious Facility
EDCO Sanitation - Maintenance/Office
El Centro Naval Airbase - Aircraft Hangars/Offices
Encino Power Plant - Maintenance
First Liberty Financial Center - Three Story Office

Davis-Monthan – C-130/KC-135 Maintenance Hangar

Ft. Riley Army Base – UAV Hangar
Gibbs Aviation - Aircraft Hangar

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Hughes Aircraft - Six Story Flight Simulator
Jet Source, Inc. – Aircraft Hangar 3
Mira Mar Naval Base - Aircraft Hangar 6
NASSCO – Ship Manufacturing Buildings

Otay Mesa International Border – Support Buildings
Singh Farms – Refrigeration/Cold Storage
SLR Farms - Indoor Tennis Court
South Bay Boatyard - Indoor Boat Storage
Tallwood Corporation - Aircraft Hangar



AGT Technologies, LLC

Design/Build – Aviation Projects

Product Development

Specialized Environmental Ventures

CRAM Renewable Energy Systems       

Escondido, CA 92026  Creston, Iowa 50851

760.443.7856 Direct

GSA/SAM Unique Entity ID XXJQA231Y6J3

Terry Van Gelder – Innovator - President

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AGT Technologies, LLC is a military and private design/build contracting firm with over 40 years’ experience.

AGT Technologies, LLC’s specialized construction includes both private and military construction projects, AGT Hybrid Cleanroom Greenhouses, Naturalite Buildings, warehouses, multi-story office buildings, industrial manufacturing buildings with mezzanines and bridge crane material handling systems, flight simulator structures, freight terminals, refrigerated cold storage, indoor boat storage with multi-story dry storage boat slips, medical facilities, international border crossing structures and distribution of metal buildings globally.