Available Systems – CRAM Micro-Grid Generators, AGT Cleanroom Greenhouse, AGT Cleanroom Indoor, Natural Cloud Cover, Reflective Sunlight Enhancement, Ceiling Light Broadcasting, Electronic Daylight Glazing, Vortex Air System- Oil Bath Mechanical Aeration, Concealed Blackout Membrane, Climate Match, Internal Mechanical Heat Recovery and Natural Earth Air System.


AGT design utilizes a commercial framing system with a sealed dual pane thermal air chamber at the roof and walls for insulation, this chamber is also used to inject a variable density dry hazing agent for sun screening instead of mechanical screens. The dual pane chamber is patterned after Title-24 compliant dual pane windows; the entire steel structure is encapsulated for a cleanroom environment. Within the dual pane chamber, temperature controlled dry air controls the panel temperature eliminating inner wall and ceiling condensation regardless of outside temperature. For low sun days, internal reflective sunlight enhancement is used including light spectrum control. All traditional greenhouses are framed with exposed structures, extremely low insulation R-Value, are not Title-24 compliant, use unsanitary screens which condensate and produce mold.


  1. Peer reviewed by the Thomas Edison Foundation garnering a Gold Edison Award under Energy and Sustainability.
  2. Each individual customer design backed by a registered engineer available in all 50 states and international locations.
  3. Qualifies for energy rebates from 10% to 25% of construction cost, rebate service provided by Cultivate EO cultivateEO.com
  4. Exceeds CA horticulture Title-24 energy codes, effective date 01.01.23 T24-2022-CASE-Study-Results-Reports-CEH_Final-1.pdf (title24stakeholders.com)
  5. This system will qualify for a Gold LEEDS honor as the only Title-24 compliant greenhouse with a CRAM Micro-Grid Generator to operate at net zero operation.
  6. Climate Smart Greenhouse, to replicate inside the greenhouse any atmospheric condition in the world.
  7. Commercial building design capable of cultivation, packaging and retail all in one regional retail location.
  8. Facility ratings: R14 Combined insulation value, Class A Fire, 100 MPH 1” hail impact and Dade County Hurricane 230MPH wind loading significantly reducing insurance and crop risk cost.
  9. Traditional greenhouse wind failure - https://lnkd.in/g3MsyEKr
  10. Independent energy studies provided to substantiate energy savings issued per project size and specifications.
  11. Complies with FDA Food and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing regulations.
  12. Blackout curtains are located in the sealed dual pane thermal air chamber, they are not exposed to the interior grow environment.


AGT Technologies, LLC offers this technology to forward thinking bioscience researchers/cultivators ready to embrace the future.


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AGT Technologies, LLC is a military and private design/build contracting firm with over 40 years’ experience.

AGT Technologies, LLC’s specialized construction includes both private and military construction projects, AGT Hybrid Cleanroom Greenhouses, Naturalite Buildings, warehouses, multi-story office buildings, industrial manufacturing buildings with mezzanines and bridge crane material handling systems, flight simulator structures, freight terminals, refrigerated cold storage, indoor boat storage with multi-story dry storage boat slips, medical facilities, international border crossing structures and distribution of metal buildings globally.